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Meet the team at the Calm Confident Kids

eleina curry

Elaine Curry BSc (Hons) PGDip.

The founder of Calm Confident Kids, Elaine is a registered yoga teacher with yoga alliance & Yttc and also a pilates teacher accreditated by REPs. Elaine has over 14 years experience of practising yoga & pilates and believes that anyone can practice these things regardless of age, physical or mental ability. Elaine is passionate about helping families to achieve and maintain happy healthy lives through the practice of yoga, pilates, mindfulness and self awareness. She has experience teaching people from all walks of life with varying degrees of abilities from babies, elderly & children with additional needs to sports people. With a background in the medical field Elaine brings also brings knowledge & safety to all classes, being very aware, that we are all individuals with varying abilities and needs.

She is an advocate for women looking after themselves and those around them to create healthy, happy families. As a busy mother of two teenage girls, Elaine spends lots of time ferrying her girls to sports trainings, music practice & other after school activities while also teaching yoga & pilates, Elaine describes herself as “The yoga mammy!”

On weekends she can be found at the sidelines of the playing fields cheering on the teams or helping the management with fitness & training.
In the middle of this busy life she makes time for her exercise, mindfulness & meditation, As Elaine says …

“Even if it is only 5 mins that a busy mum can spare its better than nothing, as it lifts body & mind.”