Calm Confident Babies Yoga

Calm Confident Babies

(8 weeks+) Combining calming Swedish and Indian inspired baby massage and gentle parent & baby yoga stretches with lots of fun and songs, for strong, happy babies and relaxed parents.

Calm Confident Toddlers Yoga

Calm Confident Toddlers

(18mths+) Active toddler yoga stretching and delightful games plus valuable mindfulness for toddlers for curious, growing toddlers and happy parents.

Calm Soles Yoga

Calm Soles

(0-5yrs) Traditional and modern children’s reflexology  techniques to help developing kids put their best foot forward. Encouraging bonding with parents & well-being in families.

Calm Confident Kids Yoga

Calm Confident Kids

(5-11 yrs) Childrens Yoga inspired fun and games to stretch active bodies, Positive thinking  mindfulness for children and relaxation to inspire imaginations & creativity. Available in schools or as an after school activity

Calm Confident Teens Yoga

Calm Confident Teens

(12 yrs+) Valuable teen yoga and Pilates  techniques, mindfulness  & positive thinking to help teens cope with the stresses of modern life and growing up.