Calm Confident Kids YogaCalm Confident Kids

Calm Confident |Kids course consists of 4 days training which will teach you to deliver Kids Yoga, mindfulness, positive thinking and mediation in schools, after schools and community groups. Our aim is to have

Kids improve physical and emotional wellbeing through yoga stretches, breathing techniques, relaxation, mediations and positive thinking leading to happy positive children.

Through our classes we can improve concertation, numeracy and literacy and creative ability. Kids are actively able to co-creative stories through their use of yoga stretches and interactions with one another which promotes clearer communication skills.

We teach mindfulness, mediation and positive thinking to deal with their stressful daily lives, giving them visual and physical coping stagiest that are fun and child friendly!

Kids love the interaction and freedom that our classes provide, creating Calm Confident Kids! 

Next course 11th 12th 24th & 25th March