Calm Confident Teens YogaCalm Confident Teens

Calm confident teen course is made up of 3 days training which will teach you how to deliver Teens yoga and Pilates style stretches, mindfulness, positive thinking and mediation.

Our aim is to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of teens creating healthy bodies with long lean muscles positive thinking, coping techniques for stresses including exam stress and Morden day living.

Our classes can help prevent injuries through sport and can encourage those less active to improve their physical activity resulting in emotionally and well balanced teens.

Feedback from our classes has shown that teenagers facing exams and having confidence issue have really benefited physically from practising our yoga and teen Pilates stretches. Great improvement has been noted by those who have practised mindfulness and our mediations alleviating stresses incurred by everyday living.

In today’s ultra-individualist society our training improves empathy and understating in teens.